Traxis | Talent Tracking

AI-Powered Markerless Stereoscopic
Talent Tracking System

No Wearables & No Markers

There is no need to wear beacons or other items to define the talent’s position. The system automatically recognizes the talent in the defined area.

Broadcast Grade

Broadcast Grade

Designed by live production experts, talent tracking works 24/7 continuously without any interruption. There is no need to touch talentS unless the 3D region is redefined or talentS is moved to a new location.

TRAXIS Talent Tracking sends data through industry-standard FreeD protocol and integrates with Reality ecosystem and any other FreeD speaking platform. talentS can send the data at every frame rate required by the broadcasters or production crew from 24 to 59.94.

Broadcast Grade
Broadcast Grade

Power of AI & Machine Learning

With cutting-edge AI algorithms and the power of tensor cores of NVIDIA GPU, Talent Tracking extracts the talent’s 3D location from the image with utmost precision. It sends the tracking data to Reality Engine to create accurate reflections, refractions and the virtual shadows of the talent inside the 3D space. This disruptive approach to talent tracking unlocks a new level of freedom inside the virtual space.


Optional Optics

TRAXIS Talent Tracking comes with special optic filters that help remove physical reflections that cause false detections. You can easily mount it to the talentS camera when it is necessary.

TRAXIS talentS


Talent Tracking is the first product of Zero Density’s new brand TRAXIS, with which Zero Density addresses the challenges of tracking. Zero Density places the talentS system at the heart of the innovation and the future of live interactive production by harnessing the power of AI and taking advantage of the advancements in GPU technology.

TRAXIS talentS

Easy Setup & Calibration

TRAXIS Talent Tracking comes as pre-calibrated and preinstalled. Place the equipment on the desired spot, connect the cables, and turn on the power. It automatically starts to track the region it sees. You just need to measure the height of the stereoscopic camera and align the coordinates of talentS to the studio.

Now you are set to go.

You can define the region you want to track in 3D space. This helps to prevent unwanted movement outside of the tracked area to be noticed by talentS.

Hang It Anywhere

TRAXIS Talent Tracking is a lightweight system that can be installed on a truss or mounted on a tripod.
It comes with the necessary mounting kit and safety cables to assist in safe installation.